The Account Center Cannot Be Displayed in IE8

You are currently viewing the Elexio Account Center in Internet Explorer 8, which is an unsupported browser.

In order to use the Elexio Account Center, please upgrade your current browser or use one of the following browsers:



Community Check-In

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Elexio Community ChMS: Extra guardian labels printing from iOS Check-in

Late in the week we discovered that in Check-in version 2.5.0 (released this week) extra guardian labels are often printing. This issue does not affect Check-in using the browser app.

We will correct the issue, but this will require an update and will take time to work through the App Store. If you use iOS Check-in and your devices have not udated to 2.5.0, we recommend waiting until version 2.5.2 is available before updating.

We regret any confusion (and unused labels) that may be caused by this issue. If you have any questions, please contact the Support Team.